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Contains images and simulator for card game prototype made during Prototype Jam Zero.

Idea was to try to create game  where physical and audio ticks of professional/competitive card game players have are used as main actions of the gameplay. Like scratching your head or asking whos turn it is currently. These are called moves.

Goal is to have cards on your field worth of 5 points or more at start of your turn and secondary goal is to confuse and mislead non-players to believe the game is more complex than it actually is.

Game has  hand  cards and field for both players and shared draw pile. During turn players can take 3 of following actions in any combination:

  • draw one card
  • play any number of cards from hand to field
  • make a move.

Cards have point value 1-3, 1-4 move conditions (words, pointing, other) and as much extra stuff (image, pointless numbers, text, icons, non-functioning mechanics, etc) as possible.

When active player makes a move opposing player checks all cards on their field for matching conditions and gives cards to active player.  Captured cards are placed into the hand of active player. If two moves are made in same turn they can be formed into single sentence to mislead non-players more: "I attack your desert zone with my Rare Ace of Spades!" (move words bolded).

Simulator contains basic implementation of the  game loop, versions of physical cards used for playtesting and two weighted random choice AI players locked in eternal battle for your entertainment.

Untested ideas:

  • Field card stacking to slow down card capturing, only topmost card can be taken with move
  • Play single vs multiple card to field with single play action
  • 10 points on field to win, other win conditions?
  • More different words as conditions
  • Balance card point values and condition amounts better
  • Balance condition distribution to prevent high value card sharing same conditions
  • Passing turn/rest of remaining actions as a move

Install instructions

Requires Python 3.x, no external dependencies


pro-card-game.zip 6 MB

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